Serving Ventura County
3766 Somis Rd. Somis, Ca 93066

We offer a wide assortment of plants and succulants that require very little water to flourish and add colorful life to your yard


We Build Custom waterfalls to your needs, we work with you in all designing aspects. we offer our expertise to make your dreams become a reality

We have been building Koi ponds and changing the way people look at the their yards for over 25 years. We offer free quotes and come to Licensed, bonded and insured

We offer specialty services

We have a large assortment of flowers and lilies of every color you can imagine 

WE offer a large assortment of yard art to help bring your surroundings to life.

We can paint your art to make it a more realistic feel


Somis Koi & Water Gardens

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We offer a large assortment of fish and aquatic life.

some of the fish we offer are japaniese koi, butterfly Koi, turtles


(Corner of Somis Rd and HWY 118)